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Welcome to Baxter Pearse Financial Consultants Limited, a financial planning company dealing with personal and corporate clients. We concentrate on your particular circumstances, goals and family security. Once we have established these, we will then provide you with our thoughts and recommendations.
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Why choose Baxter Pearse Limited?

A feature that differentiates us from most other financial advice companies is the way that we charge for the work carried out. We do not take a percentage of your pension or investment fund as this would not reflect the true nature of the work carried out. We will inform you of our fixed fee, which will be agreed with you in advance.


Advisor Fees

The effect adviser charge have on the growth of an investment portfolio.

This chart shows the investment of £100,000 in 2016. The assumed growth rate is the same for both funds i.e. 5% pa and the assumed Annual Management Charge in both funds is the same i.e. 1.2% pa. The only difference between the two investments is the amount of Adviser Charge taken from the fund.

In fund 1 the initial charge is 3% (£3,000) with an ongoing adviser charge of 1% of the fund
(i.e. £1,000 in year one).

In Fund 2 the initial charge is a fixed fee of £1,700 with an ongoing fixed adviser charge of £54 per month.

The project value of each fund after a period of ten years is:

Fund 1 is valued at £128,000

Fund 2 is valued at £143,000

This shows a difference of £15,000 or 15% of the original investment. 


Bar Chart.jpg

A team you can trust

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John Baxter, Director

With over 35 years’ experience working in the financial services sector, John has built up a good awareness of what clients’ are looking for when seeking independent advice.

The last few years have seen John specialise in the corporate area and, in particular, assisting firms with their auto-enrolment requirements. Find out more about John on LinkedIn

John Wilson, Director

John has over 20 years’ experience working in the Independent Financial Adviser sector, providing advice to clients on most financial topics.

He has many years of experience dealing mainly within the Pension Transfer market and Retirement and assisting clients who  are looking to retire to achieve their goals in Retirement.

Susan Lamb, Office Manager

Susan has worked in financial services over 20 years and has gained considerable experience dealing with both personal and corporate finance.

Lucy Crowder, Personal Assistant

Lucy has worked in Financial Services since 2010 providing administrative assistance and gaining valuable experience dealing predominantly with Personal Clients.